Jannes Drijkoningen
Brugstraat 20-1, 3400 Landen, Belgium
+32 498 50 78 78
  • Symfony
  • Magento
  • CodeIgniter
  • NodeJS
  • React Native
  • React
  • Ramda
  • SDL2
  • Windows
  • Actix
  • Diesel
  • AkkaHTTP
Quick learner
Having spent a lot of time on self-educating computer science I developed a quick head for learning new things and grew from a PHP Junior to Full-Stack Senior in under 2 years. Practicing my skills does not stop for me when I walk out of the office.
I love teaching! It's a great way to inspire and motivate others as well as myself. It is also said that teaching a subject is an excellent way of learning more about it, and I experience that too. As such I enjoy giving lectures, hosting knowledge transfers and providing individual coaching.
Throughout my years of development experience there's nothing I enjoy more than accomplishing things together. It's fun to work with people with different experiences and diverse backgrounds and it gives me fulfillment to work and grow with others.
As a developer I focus on doing things right. I always strive for structural and elegant solutions. Readability and maintainability are on the top of my priority list to create a long lasting product. I rigorously follow code-styles and use linters for all projects.

A&C img
Full-Stack Web Developer
A&C systems, Hoegaarden
Jun 2018 - Present
Here I grew from a hobbyist programmer to a professional full-stack developer. During my time at A&C I worked on PHP back-ends, TypeScript React front-ends, mobile apps in React Native, MySQL and NoSQL databases, AWS infrastructure, Bitbucket CI/CD, ...
We employed techniques such as an Agile workflow, Extreme Programming, Functional Reactive Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Domain Driven Design and many more.
JIO img
Jannes IO, Landen
Mar 2019 - Present
Outside of my 9-5 I own my own business, in which I focus on delivering high quality solutions to small, local clients. The projects range from CMS websites to time planning, invoicing software, ...
VO img
Application Administrator
Flemmish Government, Brussels
Feb 2017 - May 2018
As application administrator we were responsible for the payroll system, written in Object Star, and moderating our CRM. We had to be extremely rigorous in our development and testing of new wage calculation rules, a tiny mishap could affect the wage of thousands of employees.
Aside from that main task, we also worked on small tools written in various languages and technologies to improve our workflow and automate our tasks.